Journey Into the World of Crafting…for Christmas

So a good friend of mine decided that we needed to CRAFT. Better yet, craft for Christmas! Seeing as I’m a destitute college student I pounced on the idea. If I can make a Christmas gift that people will love, why the heck not?

We made our way to Jo-Anns (after planning for ohhh…about two hours). We perused the aisles and generally gazed at the splendor of it all. After that, we went to Publix and similarly gazed at the splendor. Once home, we went at it.

We decided to make Cookies in a Jar and Citrus Bath Salts. Who wouldn’t want those?! We began on the cookies. It was soon apparent that we were both hungry and kind of worn out. Two hours of planning (AKA Pinterest and a little Googling) and shopping at two (I repeat TWO) stores will do that to a woman. We ate dinner and revisited the project.

It was going fine until this conversation started:

Jen: Did we put the brown sugar in the jars?

Kay: Ummm…yeah?

*Look into each other’s eyes and just know*

Yeah…so then we scooped some of the innards out, put the brown sugar in, scooped most of the innards back in and screwed on the top. Phew! We fixed it. This conversation soon followed:

Kay: Jen, did we put white sugar in these?

Jen: Yeah, of course we did.

Kay: The only white stuff I’m seeing is flour…

Yay for failure! We decided that since they already had to add eggs, butter, and vanilla it wouldn’t kill them to add a little sugar, too.

We ended the night mostly satisfied with our pretty (ish) jars. A few days later I made labels and recipe cards for the jars and wrapped them up with a bow. Overall, I think they were a success. Things I would have changed are as follows (I really like lists):

  1. Follow the directions a little more closely. Did you know they have a specific order for ingredients?
  2. Get the right size jar. Resizing recipes can be annoying and a little risky.
  3. Make sure you definitely have enough ingredients. Mid-project trips to Publix just feel defeating.

As you can probably tell, I’m leaving just a bit out, but I kept all the good stuff. The recipe I used was from Bakerella. Check it out here: .

As for the bath salts, I think that one deserves its own post (though decidedly less exciting than the cookie jars). I’ll bring that to you soon.


Emotional Roller Coaster That Is “Up” (explained in memes)

Pre-Movie: Ahhh, I can’t wait to sit back, relax, and take in another great/uplifting Disney Pixar movie.


First Minute and a Half: What a cute little couple! In love since childhood. Yep, this is definitely what I had in store when coming to this theatre.

Two-Four Minutes In: Wtf? No. No I will not cry.

Four-Seven Minutes In: Why? Why is this happening? This is ME in ten years! Oh God, why did I come here? I should have seen that new Night at the Museum movie…

The Rest of the Movie: Stop crying. For Christ’s sake woman, the story has progressed. Why am I still weeping? Oh yeah, because that was the saddest ten minutes in cinema history. But really. Stop. Crying.

Hope you enjoyed my take on the movie, “Up”. I know I can’t be the only one. Come on…be honest.