Me No Like Philosophy

I have the pleasure of writing not one but TWO philosophy papers this week. I’m starting the first one now. This is how it’s gone thus far:

I started by looking at the prompts provided. At first look there were so many I was sure that TONS would be popping out at me. Upon further inspection I came up with this: 

You see, philosophy and I were supposed to be great friends. We were supposed to blow each other’s minds on a daily basis. Well thanks for nothing, philo! My mind is not blown. On the contrary, I find most of your ideas to be convoluted and a waste of my oh-so-precious time.

Anyway, I picked a topic and moved on.

I wrote. And wrote. More writing. This train of thought started rolling around in my noggin, “Holy mother of God I might actually be able to write two or three pages! It’s coming! It’s coming! Almost there! Just a little more! DONE!”

This is what I have:

And guess what! That’s where I still am because instead of continuing to work diligently I thought it’d be a really good idea to write a blog post. Can I hear it for unproductiveness (I just made that word up!)? Woot woot!

Update: After rereading this post the next day I have decided that maybe I’m not being fair. If you like philosophy I won’t judge you (much). That’s allllll up to you, my friend. Just don’t think I’m a meany head that hates people that like philosophy, because then I’d feel bad. And that’s just not cool…

The end! 😀


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