I think my body is imploding on itself. I slept very poorly last night. (Little background on why that’s a big deal: I am one of those “puts head on pillow and instantly starts sleeping soundly for eight hours” kind of people. You can hate me if you want. Or you can just keep reading to find out why my life is spiraling into an abyss of nothing, if that will make you feel better.) My friend at work asked me this morning why I slept so bad.

“Were you stressed?” she asked with concern wrinkling her brow.

I assured her I was fine. I mean, surely I would know if I was stressed so I was confident that I was not. I also have this nasty little nervous habit of rubbing/picking/prodding my cuticles and rolling my toes. I’m pretty sure it creeps people out.

Anyhoo…usually this doesn’t cause me any pain so I just try and ignore/hide it as much as possible. Well since about Saturday I’ve been INTENSE rubbing/picking/prodding my cuticles and it hurrrrttttttsssssssss. So now my fingers and toes are sore and I’m sleep deprived.

The upper lefthand section of my face has decided that now would be a good time to FREAK OUT so that stretch of skin looks like a red, disgusting minefield of death. (I’d post a picture, but I think I’ll leave that one out.)

So let’s add that all together! That’s 1) no sleep 2) weird finger/toe issues and 3) face death

At some point today I started to put two and two together. Ladies and gentlemen, I think I might be stressed out. I suppose it makes sense since when you’re in college, professors have this nasty little habit of getting together over coffee (or maybe tea, depending on preference) to decide on which week EVERY TEST IN EVERY CLASS will take place. And that week happens to be this week.

In the end, the nervous twitches and face death would be a lot easier to ignore/take care of if maybe I could KNOW I was stressed out beforehand. Why is it that before my mind freaks out my body decides to give me a sneak preview of the mental trauma that’s about to ensue. Just seems unnecessary, if you ask me.

I’m not really sure how to end this post so I figure I’ll share another gem of mine (Taken today! Ohhhhh so fresh).

You can’t see said face death because I’m facing a bright window and I’m taking this with my webcam (yay crappy lighting and crappy cameras-they hide face death!). I also have a nose, you just can’t see most of it.


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