Reasons I Want To Be Kate Beckinsale In Underworld

So recently my university has decided that a pint of blood is worth a movie ticket. With movies costing about $17,000 nowadays I think the blood people might be getting the raw end of the deal. Either way, I decided that now might be a good time to lose two pints of blood. I mean, they only take one at a time so as not to kill me but I’ve been working on this for a while. I gave my second pint the other day and it was go time.

My roommate watched all three Underworld movies in one weekend and we saw the fourth one tonight. While I thought it was awesome/kick ass/vampire-y I couldn’t help realizing something. I just want to be Kate Beckinsale in Underworld. Either I want to be her or I want to be a lesbian. Since I’m not the second one I figure it’ll just be easier to be her. I’ve compiled a list to sound compelling.

Reasons I should be Kate as a vampire:

1) She’s too hot. It’s not fair. She’s had four movies to be that hot and I haven’t gotten to be in any of them. Now as I said before, I’m not gay but I triple-dog-dare any of you to watch one of the Underworlds and tell me you don’t have a crush on her:

2) She gets to be a vampire…AND be respected. I’m not even going to go near the subject of Twilight but I just want to say Kate definitely has the best of both worlds. She gets to be badass and drink people’s blood and not have pre-pubescent  boys call her mean things from the safety of their computers. Jealous!

3) Her outfit. Nuff said.

4) The fact that her hair has a constant “just got out of the shower” look but instead of looking like a drowning cat she looks like Kate Beckinsale in Underworld. (See above)

5) Because I’ve already come up with four reasons and while I could come up with more I don’t want to cross that thin line into creepy and pathetic. (See! I know when to stop. I’d be a great new Kate Beckinsale in the next Underworld!)

Basically, my logic here is if I can’t be prettier than her, I should just be her. That’s normal, right?

(All pictures are linked to where I got them from)


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