ADHD Is a Tricky Thing

Tonight I sat down to study for my French test tomorrow. As I am not fluent in French, I’d say this is fairly important to my educational well-being. I opened my laptop, logged on to the website where my eBook is located. That’s where it went downhill. Well, I’m not sure if it really started uphill since I’d been home since 2:45 and it was now after dark.

Either way, I started with these awesome intentions of learning EVERYTHING.

Shortly after starting, I realized that my Facebook NEEDED to be checked. I checked that and every other account/email I have made in the last seven years. Okay good, I got that out of the way. I went back to studying.

30 seconds later:

I needed French music. There was no earthly way I was going to be able to study unless I had some French man or woman serenading me. This turned out to be more of an intellectual challenge than expected. I couldn’t find any website that would sell French music to me. I couldn’t even pirate it! I finally found a suitable bit of French music to do my studying with.

About two minutes passed. I was learning!

Then I found myself on a website discussing the etiquette to having a baby shower for your second baby. Not sure how I ended up here. Even looking back now, I’m not sure what it was that immediately led me to the thought that I should google “Second Baby Showers”. Even worse, is that I spent about fifteen minutes reading the article and the comments people had left. Apparently, I’m very passionate about the plight of baby showers for the poor second/third/fourth/etc. children. This may have something to do with me being the third child. I can’t be sure, but I suspect I came into this world showerless and I can’t help feeling as though my life has suffered as a result.

Anyway, I got off that website and got back on track. But then I had what’s known as “face death”. You may remember me talking about it a few days ago. Well, I’m sad to say it’s gotten worse.

This caused me to spend the next hour off and on in front of the mirror trying to rid myself of these evils. As of yet, the enemy forces are holding strong.

Then I decided to cut all the pretense of studying and write the blog post that had been ruminating in my noggin since I realized that I was looking at baby shower etiquette.

Anybody else have a fun little attention deficit disorder? I tend to think it adds spice to my life. And when I realize that’s a farce, at least it gives me blog post ideas.

(All pictures are courtesy of my buddies/models/skype distractions: Bailey and Monica)


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