Am I The Only One That Does This?

I know there must be others out there that suffer from this as I do.

Sometimes when I wear jeans I get an itch. This is is on the outside of my thigh. When I say an itch I don’t mean an itch that you  scratch and forget about. This itch DOES NOT GO AWAY. For at least twenty minutes. This wouldn’t be such a big deal except that because it’s through jeans I have to push hard to scratch it. Combine pushing hard to scratch and being slightly anemic and you have a cuuuuuuuute bruise.

It looks something like this:

And this is after it faded for a couple days. Yeah.

So does anybody else do this? I kind of thought this happened to everyone until a couple of friends looked at me really weird when I explained how I got this monstrous bruise. I’m a little concerned now.


4 thoughts on “Am I The Only One That Does This?

  1. It might be an allergic reaction to something (contact dermatitis), or it could be eczema. You might want to see a dermatologist about it if it keeps happening to you. The itch might need some hydrocortisone cream. I would definetely see a doctor about it if it is bothering you so much. I had terrible eczema and I got hydrocortisone cream from the dermatologist and it saved me. Literally.

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