This Has Been A Weird Day…

Most of it hasn’t been weird in a bad way, just out of my routine. My first class was canceled (never a bad thing), my roommate and I made pancakes for breakfast (also never a bad thing), I had a little 1  1/2 minute presentation in French and then I was able to leave. None of that was bad-just different. I worked a non-eventful shift. Then I went home and vegged for about forty minutes. Not entirely out of the ordinary but with my bestie/roommate gone it always feels different. I ate chocolate so I wasn’t hungry for dinner (which I wouldn’t have time for because of the veg time anyway). I had to go back to campus to hear an author speak. He was interesting and funny at times.

Afterwards, I made my way to the shuttle that would take me back home (paying for parking is for cotton headed ninny muggins). I talked to my Dad on the phone for a while and at some point it occurred to me that not only was my shuttle taking forever to get there but everyone’s shuttle was (this shuttle stop is actually like a bus station type of deal with a bunch of spaces for a bunch of different shuttle routes). Since my phone was now alerting me every 30 seconds that it was dying, I decided to bid my father adieu and see what was going on. One of the only other people in the entire shuttle station happened to be on the next bench over so I asked him if the shuttles were running. He replied that he had been there since 8:10 (it was now a little after 9:00) and there was no shuttle. I panicked a little inside since I had no idea how long my battery would last and the person I would normally call immediately was 2  1/2 hours away.

My first call to a work friend was a failure, as she was on her way to her parents home a few hours away (I did manage to scare her a little since I basically told her I was stranded, my phone was dying, and then hung up on her). My second attempt was successful and my other roommate was on her way.

About a minute later my phone died, but with my ride secured I was oddly serene about the whole thing. I was in a well lit area so I calculated my chances of being raped/murdered/kidnapped were fairly slim. I stuck one headphone in and let my ipod do its thang as I pulled out my trusted moleskin notebook and let my literary juices overflow. I wrote a couple pages about how for some reason I felt really good about being at the shuttle station alone with my phone dead on a Friday night. Almost like I was Bear Grylls and this was just another adventure that I would work my way out of like it was nothing.

Eventually, my roommate made her way to UCF and essentially saved the day (shout out to Ana-don’t think you read my blog but if you do…you’re my hero). She brought me home safe and sound. I plugged my phone in and let my poor friend from my first attempt at safety know that I wasn’t dead. Good thing too, she was about to have her friend drive thirty minutes to campus to see if I was still there (that right there is a good friend). I sat on the computer and talked to my bro.

But then I got into a funk. My adrenaline fueled high by which I felt truly alive and at one with the world had faded and in its place I just felt…weird. I still do. I am a creature of routine. I like to do things over and over and over and over and over and over and over until they are as much a part of me as the hair on my head (which was very frizzy today…thanks humidity!). This funk morphed into what I like to think of as my latest unhealthy habit-popping blackheads. Ew. I know. What a weirdo. Don’t judge me. They pop just like zits and for the past month I’ve gotten more and more addicted to sitting in front of the mirror and getting as many as I can.

This led me to the awesome conclusion that I’m just on the latest leg of my journey to becoming bat-shit insane. With this revelation I decided the next logical step was to put on one of those green, creamy face masks. My skin happens to be dry and peely right now which probably won’t be helped by the mask that tends to dry skin out. Don’t worry…I’m confident it’ll be fine (by confident I mean I don’t really care because make up fixes all).

In the end I just don’t really care about today. All I’ve eaten today is pancakes and chocolate so really I was just setting myself up for failure. Good for me, I get to screw up my routine once again by spending all Saturday at school. But such is life, and maybe I’ll even learn something.


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