Turtles and Ice Cream

My brother in law wanted a couple new tattoos recently. That meant he needed to make the two and a half hour drive to where I live because there are better artists. Can’t really fault him there since it will be on his body forever. He brought along my sister and nephew and it turned into a really fun time for ME (because that’s what matters)! I got Justin to pick me up from work and with sister and baby in tow we got some delicious pizza. Then, because I love ice cream (hence the name) and my sister is obsessed with the stuff (she’s worked in multiple ice cream shops), we went to her old college workplace and got their TO DIE FOR cake batter ice cream. Heaven.

Today, we went over to Chik-fil-A and there was a balloon artist. I’ll repeat that for emphasis. There was a balloon artist. I still maintain that I did it for the child but I flagged the girl down and she made a turtle that you could where around your wrist. PLUS, she put sugar into it so it doubled as a rattle! I may have kept it for myself after the fam left… There was a picture or two taken of the child with it, but they were on other people’s phones so I don’t have them. I did take a picture of the turtle to show you, though. It’s just too cool.

I’m going to spend some time at the pool becoming a bronze goddess (haha). I might work out later. And then tomorrow I get to spend the day with a wonderful friend and we’re seeing Hunger Games again! All in all, this is looking to be a very welcome, very awesome weekend.


Am I The Only One That Does This #3

I like to stress out about things. It’s kind of my thing. Sometimes (usually) I get myself so worked up about something that it causes me abstract stress. I just made that term up, in case you were wondering. Abstract stress is where I’m doing something completely unrelated to my stresser but all of a sudden I feel extremely anxious. It’s really fun because it usually takes me a minute to figure out why I’m a ball of terror on the inside.

I sit there and think to myself, “What am I worried about? What was it? School? No. Boy troubles? No, that’s not it either. OH YEAH!” and then I can comfort myself knowing why I am freaking out. It doesn’t take the initial stress away but it does alleviate the stress of not knowing what I’m stressed about. (By the way, that little dialogue wasn’t for the purposes of this post. I really do say that to myself every time.)

Does this make any sense? Better yet, does anybody else do this?

Hunger Games Fevah

My friends and I have got the Hunger Games fever. We’ve all read the books (some of us (me) have read them multiple times), gushed about the upcoming movie, and all together are just befuddled with the splendors that are Katniss, Peeta, and Gale. Since the movie is coming out this Friday (!!!) a couple friends and I decided to make shirts. Sure, you could buy a shirt. But then it would look like this:

This costs $22.50. Yeah. $22.50.

There’s nothing inherently wrong about this shirt but it’s very “Teen Novel Turned Big Budget Blockbuster”-y. So instead of paying $22.50 for that we decided to buy black scoop necks from Target for $8 and get all DIY about it.

All three of us took completely different directions so I’m only going to show you what/how I did mine. If I remember to get a good picture on premier night of all three of us I’ll post it later.

I went with a jersey style.

I used my handy-dandy Microsoft Publisher and made up some templates. Here are the ones that made it on the shirt:

Stencil Template (PDF)

74th Annual (PDF)

I put EVERDEEN across the back in one line. It was a little too long to print that way which is why I split it into two lines here.

Everdeen (PDF)

12 (PDF)

I printed these all out on card stock and cut them out using an exacto knife (with some help from the very talented exacto knife artist, Cheryl). From there it was simply taping them in the right place and painting them. I used regular fabric paint along with make up sponges. For the finer parts it might be easier to use a small brush, but the make up sponges worked great for me. If anyone is interested in the colors/brand of paint I used just comment below and I’d be happy to fill you in.

I really, really like how mine came out and can’t wait to wear my $8 Hunger Games shirt that no one else will have!

And here’s he finished product! Ignore the fact that I look like one of those “before” photos on weight loss commercials. (Calm down, I’m not calling myself fat. I’m simply referring to my slouchy posture.)

Make this shirt and you, too, could be this happy!

Is anyone else going to the premier? If so, are you going to make/buy a shirt or just know you’re cooler than Katniss (as if that were even possible) whether you dress like her or not?


Hot Topic Shirt

All the templates are made by me. Feel free to use/share them. 🙂

Pi Day

I didn’t know Pi Day was a thing until last year. I’m pretty sure that’s around the time someone made it up. I mean, I get it. I’m not that bad at math. I feel like people are grasping at holiday straws, though. Why not something like Old People Day on January 22nd?  Jeanne Calment lived to be 122 years old, hence the date of my proposed holiday. We could celebrate by planning for our possibly really long retirements. Just some food for thought.

Anyway, in honor of the holiday I think you’re supposed to make a pie. Having spent thousands of dollars on my baking education I feel I’m somewhat obligated to participate. But then again, it’s already the day of and I don’t have any of the stuff and so on. So instead I’ll show you some pictures of pies that I want to make, have made, or just want to consume whole. If you want recipes for any of the ones that I’ve made (or some that I haven’t, I still may have a recipe) let me know!

(P.S. I’m getting the pictures off google because I don’t make it a habit to take pictures of the pies I’ve made. I’ll source them at the bottom, though.)

I have a REALLY easy recipe for this one. Tastes good, too.

I think I've made this before but it might have just been in my dreams.

My aunt shared with me the BEST Blueberry Pie recipe. It has a crumb topping unlike the lattice in the picture. SO. GOOD.

I actually prefer pumpkin squares which is like pumpkin pie except with cake instead of pie dough (easy favorite, right?). But I made a pie this Thanksgiving using Paula Deens recipe and while I now am 30 lbs. heavier due to the amount of heavy cream it called for it was totally worth it.

I'm not a huge fan of apples (except in pie or juice form). It must be included, though, because I don't want to be called unpatriotic. ESPECIALLY not on Pi Day. The pie in the picture+vanilla bean ice cream=YUM.

So there you have it. I think I have recipes for all of those, if you’re interested. I also have a great and easy pie dough recipe if you want to brag to all your friends that you made your own pie dough from scratch. (People brag about that, right?)

Sources (*note: I’m not saying any of the recipes these pictures come from are good/usable. They just looked good so I snagged them):

Lemon Meringue

Chocolate Silk




Writer’s Manifesto

I made something cool (I think)! I read an article called “25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing (Right Fucking Now)” from Terrible Minds (click here). I took my favorite quotes and made a Subway Art-type thing. I’m calling it my Writer’s Manifesto.


I’m a sucker for a good quote so these kind of things get me all a twitter. If you like it, let me know. If you really like it, download it and enjoy.

Am I The Only One That Does This? #2

So for the past, I don’t know, ever people have constantly asked me “What’s wrong?”. I promptly answer nothing. When they give me that look that says, “Come on…you can trust me with your hardships. Just tell me what’s wrong,” I have to assure them once again that nothing is wrong other than the fact that they’re getting kind of annoying. And I don’t mean “nothing” like fourteen year old girls yell at their parents when their first boyfriend breaks up with them. I’m serious. Nothing is the matter. I am perfectly at peace with the world like 90% of the time I’m asked that question. I always thought it was weird until I started looking at other people’s faces. On the shuttle to campus, I scoped random people’s expressions when they weren’t looking. Then I went home and looked at myself in the mirror with my default neutral expression. This is what I found:

Somehow from this face people get the feeling that I’m in some sort of pit of despair. No. I’m sorry my mouth doesn’t just settle into a smile when I’m not thinking.

Does anybody else have this issue?

Oh hey…look at me being all crafty

So I started this blog with the intention of being crafty ALL the time. Apparently, my thought process went a little something like this:

I want to be crafty ALL the time, like those craft bloggers. They always have the best ideas. How do they do it? Witchcraft? Maybe… Deal with the devil? Nahh I think the devil mostly deals with the people in charge of the education system these days… OH! Maybe it’s just the fact that they have a crafty blog that makes them crafty. That makes total sense. I’ll just make a craft blog and POOF. I’m craft-tastic.

Now, I realize the flaw in this logic. In fact, I admit that that logic really just doesn’t make sense. My point IS (bet you were starting to wonder if there was even going to be a point), I haven’t been very good about doing crafts. But I just did one. So I thought I’d share.

My Mom pinned this on Pinterest:

I could have just downloaded the print from the website, but where’s the fun in that? (I also didn’t know that until I went to write this post.) So I opened Publisher and went at it.  It took forever but I finally came up with this:

I printed two out, slapped ’em in frames and BAM. I’m a craft goddess. I made a pdf for you guys to download but the size fits the Ikea frame I bought which has a matte. That means it’s kind of a weird size (3.5”x5.5”) but hey! If you go to Ikea and buy their $2.50 frames you’re in luck. Or you could just use a 4×6 and have half an inch of paper around it. I think it would look fine either way.

I printed mine on card stock I just happened to have and really like the way it came out. I’m giving them to my two favorite teachers in the world-my mom and my sister!

Here’s the PDF: Classroom Lessons

The first picture is linked to the website it’s from. I snooped around a bit and it looks like they have A LOT of awesome free printables, so you should check it out.