Am I The Only One That Does This? #2

So for the past, I don’t know, ever people have constantly asked me “What’s wrong?”. I promptly answer nothing. When they give me that look that says, “Come on…you can trust me with your hardships. Just tell me what’s wrong,” I have to assure them once again that nothing is wrong other than the fact that they’re getting kind of annoying. And I don’t mean “nothing” like fourteen year old girls yell at their parents when their first boyfriend breaks up with them. I’m serious. Nothing is the matter. I am perfectly at peace with the world like 90% of the time I’m asked that question. I always thought it was weird until I started looking at other people’s faces. On the shuttle to campus, I scoped random people’s expressions when they weren’t looking. Then I went home and looked at myself in the mirror with my default neutral expression. This is what I found:

Somehow from this face people get the feeling that I’m in some sort of pit of despair. No. I’m sorry my mouth doesn’t just settle into a smile when I’m not thinking.

Does anybody else have this issue?


6 thoughts on “Am I The Only One That Does This? #2

  1. It’s like how Bella from Twilight always looks depressed….right? Or is she really depressed through the whole thing? Can’t say I really remember the saga, but I remember it is a saga.

    • You know, you just might be on to something. Maybe some people are just cursed with a bad neutral face. I literally saw someone last week that smiled non-stop. That was his “not a care in the world” face. I want that one.

  2. So is it safe to say that when you’re making the “I’m upset about something” face you’re not actually thinking? Duly noted!

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