Am I The Only One That Does This #3

I like to stress out about things. It’s kind of my thing. Sometimes (usually) I get myself so worked up about something that it causes me abstract stress. I just made that term up, in case you were wondering. Abstract stress is where I’m doing something completely unrelated to my stresser but all of a sudden I feel extremely anxious. It’s really fun because it usually takes me a minute to figure out why I’m a ball of terror on the inside.

I sit there and think to myself, “What am I worried about? What was it? School? No. Boy troubles? No, that’s not it either. OH YEAH!” and then I can comfort myself knowing why I am freaking out. It doesn’t take the initial stress away but it does alleviate the stress of not knowing what I’m stressed about. (By the way, that little dialogue wasn’t for the purposes of this post. I really do say that to myself every time.)

Does this make any sense? Better yet, does anybody else do this?


4 thoughts on “Am I The Only One That Does This #3

  1. It happens to me occasionally and your right you just have to sit back and say wait a minute why am stressing right now. But my problem is that normally theres nothing to stress about its just my mind racing. Dont make fun of me but i think its too cool you have a blog lol

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