Situations I Love

This just makes my day (always through texts, of course)-

Anonymous Person: Hey, can I borrow/use/eat your _______?

Me: NOOOOOOOO! OMG I’m saving that/I need that/that was my great-grandmothers and her dying wish was that I keep it forever!

AP: Oh…I thought you’d say yes so I already borrowed/used/ate it. :/

Why? Why would you go through the pretense of asking? It’s like a fake question. If there’s any injustice in the world I will not tolerate it’s fake questions! They make me feel like this:

So please, for the love of all things holy, when you ask a question WAIT FOR A RESPONSE. Otherwise, the question is void and you’re a douche.


2 thoughts on “Situations I Love

    • You know, sometimes I wonder about myself. My first reaction to your comment was, “Of course I don’t mind. What a silly question.” My second thought was, “Jeez, why would she ask when she just commented a minute ago on another post?” And my third thought was, “Ohhhhhhh I get what she did there.”

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