I’m Doing Something Productive With My Life!

Okay, I’ve undertaken a new hobby. Can I call it a hobby if I don’t like it yet? I’m going to call it a hobby.


Crazy, I know. On an average day I like to spend at least 23 1/2 hours in bed.

But that’s over. I’m training for a half marathon with my friends Cheryl and Demi.

And being me, I made a blog about it. It’s going to chronicle our individual and group progress so you should totes check it out. We’re also trying to raise money for our registration. We’re doing our half marathon at Disney World, here in Orlando. The registration price is pretty high for this one because it benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Hear that? It’s a good cause!

So check out the blog (and check it often-we’re going to be posting a lot!) and donate if you feel so inclined.

I’ll leave you with a picture taken right after our first two mile run (which links to the new blog):

Tell me those red faces are not pure sexy...


4 thoughts on “I’m Doing Something Productive With My Life!

  1. Ok I hated running when I got here. But they just kept running me and I can tell you the more you the easier it gets lol it sucks

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