Baby Meme (Early) Thursday

Guess who’s writing this within the first hour of Thursday. ME!

Just a little something to get you through until the weekend:


Treadmills: They’re Dangerous

So I want to share a little snippet of my day with you. Today is a rainy day. I woke up at the crack of noon to a dark room filled with the sweet sounds of summer rain. I finally roused myself from the comforts of my bed and got ready for the gym at 2:00.

I went to the gym, intent to get my run in (if you don’t know why, read up on that here-I love shameless plugs!) and was dismayed to find an empty parking garage. Even on Memorial Day, people go to the UCF gym. I found out the gym was closed. Should have seen that coming since my office was closed too and they’re both UCF facilities. Derp.

I went home and decided I would run around my apartment complex. I was less than thrilled because A) running around apartment complex sucks and B) it looked as though the rain could pick up again at any moment. But then I had a stroke of genius. I have an apartment gym! I could just use the treadmill.

That went well for a while. I was listening to my Harry Potter audiobook, shedding calories, thinking about how great my life was. All of a sudden, though, things took a turn. The room went dark and my treadmill stopped abruptly. If you’ve ever been on a treadmill that stops abruptly in a now dark room, it’s a little surprising. I screamed a little (loudly). Thankfully, I was in the room alone. Seconds after everything crapped out, it all came back on just in time for a loud thunder boom. You don’t have to tell me twice. I was off that treadmill heading for the door immediately. You may not know this about me, but I’m not fond of thunder. Lightening isn’t great. But thunder scares the shit out of me, for lack of a better phrase.

I left the gym through the pool area to see a lot of tipsy college students making their way away from the watery deathtrap they had been soaking in. It was as if someone came and yelled, “It’s GO TIME, people!” They were just acting so fast.

Walking through the complex towards my apartment, there was another, louder thunder boom. I’m not ashamed to say I stopped, plugged my ears, and closed my eyes until it was over. No shame.

Moral of the story: something or someone did not want me to finish my workout today. I respect that.

Baby Meme Friday (because I’m a failure)

Yeah, yeah, yeah say what you want.

A) I haven’t blogged a lot lately. To that I say, I was sick. Like, chills, aches, fever, the whole shebang. Blogging wasn’t on my mind. Survival was.

B) I forgot Baby Meme Thursday (again). Okay this one is my bad. But honestly, who would remember to do that every week? Oh, everybody, you say? Touché… Either way I’m amending Baby Meme Thursdays. I’m making it officially: Baby Meme Thursday (Unless I Forget and Do It Friday).

Enjoy your latest installment:

The Inconveniences of Harry Potter

I’m in a bit of a Harry Potter frenzy at the moment. In fact, I’m listening to the Philosopher’s Stone on audio book right this second. I’ve been listening to the books (try it sometime, it’s the bee’s knees) and watching the movies almost non-stop. It’s taking over my life a bit.

That being said, I’ve started noticing something in the course of watching the movies over and over again. Harry Potter lives in a really inconvenient world. Sure, he can fix his glasses with just the swish of his wand and a mutter of, “Oculus Reparo” but he can’t grab a phone and call up Ron or Hermione. Owls are super neato, but they can’t be that speedy. And if you have ever paid attention during the films you will have seen the labels on things. They’re ridiculous! Every label on everything looks about a hundred years old and is written in a slanty cursive. It definitely adds to the look of the magical world but come on…If you’re looking for something like Bezoar, a proper label can  make that job a loooooot easier and more timely.

And don’t even get me started on the lighting. I mean, I love the look of lanterns and torches but think about how inconvenient it would be to have to light a lantern instead of grab a flashlight. And I know you could just use “lumos” but what about all the witches and wizards who are under seventeen? That’s a fair amount of magical folk who just have to go without that little luxury.

Now, I would drop EVERYTHING right now if I was offered a place at Hogwarts (flashlights and label makers be damned) but I thought I’d point out this little magical world flaw.

Are any of you obsessed with Harry Potter? Or some other book series world? Personally, I like almost all of them (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc). Let me know! And let me know if you’ve noticed any of these kinds of details, too. Tell me I’m not the only one that notices weird, non-essential details, people.

Oh Crap…

I forgot Baby Meme Thursday! I knew it was bound to happen sometime. I even thought about it on Wednesday but alas, it still slipped my mind. For my mistake, I’ll give you TWO baby memes and the promise that I won’t do it again (until the next time I forget).


You know when you’re talking to someone and they spit on you? It could be anyone– your mom, your friend, a total stranger. Why do we feel the need to pretend it didn’t happen? At least with me, I always continue the conversation as if nothing has happened. But something has happened. I have been SPIT upon.

Where in the manners rule book does it state that YOU’RE the impolite one if you point out that your conversation partner just expelled fluid from their mouths that landed on you (Probably your face, too. OH! Even more likely, on your lip. That always seems to happen.)?

This is how the conversation should go:

Me: So, like I was saying. Our dependence on foreign oil is really detrimental to our future.

Spitter: Yeah, I ag*spits*ree.

Me: Umm sir, you just spat upon my face.

Spitter: Wow, I’m horribly embarrassed. Please accept my apology in the hopes that we might one day regain the bonds of our once strong friendship.

Me: In time…

This is how conversations actually go:

Me: So, like I was saying. Our dependence on foreign oil is really detrimental to our future.

Spitter: Yeah, I ag*spits*ree.

Me: *dies a little inside as I think about the spittle now resting on my lip* Yeah…umm…what were we talking about? Oh right, foreign oil. I think I’m going to go take a nap or die or something.

I’m calling upon everyone that participates in conversations. Speak up! TELL people when they spit on you. Don’t struggle in silence. Together, we can end this.

P.S. If you haven’t already, please do check out the new blog I’m participating in with some pretty ladies. We’re training for a half marathon (starting from scratch…trust me) and it should be pretty interesting to see the progress along the way. Click here to check it out.

Baby Meme Thursday número cuatro!

It’s that time again, folks. I’m actually writing this Wednesday. hehe It’s like I’m cheating the system. Anyways, here you go: