The Inconveniences of Harry Potter

I’m in a bit of a Harry Potter frenzy at the moment. In fact, I’m listening to the Philosopher’s Stone on audio book right this second. I’ve been listening to the books (try it sometime, it’s the bee’s knees) and watching the movies almost non-stop. It’s taking over my life a bit.

That being said, I’ve started noticing something in the course of watching the movies over and over again. Harry Potter lives in a really inconvenient world. Sure, he can fix his glasses with just the swish of his wand and a mutter of, “Oculus Reparo” but he can’t grab a phone and call up Ron or Hermione. Owls are super neato, but they can’t be that speedy. And if you have ever paid attention during the films you will have seen the labels on things. They’re ridiculous! Every label on everything looks about a hundred years old and is written in a slanty cursive. It definitely adds to the look of the magical world but come on…If you’re looking for something like Bezoar, a proper label can  make that job a loooooot easier and more timely.

And don’t even get me started on the lighting. I mean, I love the look of lanterns and torches but think about how inconvenient it would be to have to light a lantern instead of grab a flashlight. And I know you could just use “lumos” but what about all the witches and wizards who are under seventeen? That’s a fair amount of magical folk who just have to go without that little luxury.

Now, I would drop EVERYTHING right now if I was offered a place at Hogwarts (flashlights and label makers be damned) but I thought I’d point out this little magical world flaw.

Are any of you obsessed with Harry Potter? Or some other book series world? Personally, I like almost all of them (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc). Let me know! And let me know if you’ve noticed any of these kinds of details, too. Tell me I’m not the only one that notices weird, non-essential details, people.


5 thoughts on “The Inconveniences of Harry Potter

    • I know it wouldn’t be the same without all of that. I just think it’d be funny trying to live in that world with no flashlights and such. 🙂

      • I am a huge Potter fan I’ve listened to them on tape more times than I can count the last was actually the only one I ever read and I couldn’t put it down. And did you notice that after the second movie they started wearing actual clothes rather than robes everywhere they never touched on that in the books it seemed like they were always in robes. And I’m also a nerd for star wars, lord of the rings, etc. like i was going to make Monica watch all of the star wars cause she has never seen them!!

      • Yeah I did notice that! I kind of chalked it up to movie producers thinking regular clothes looked better than robes but whatever…robes are cool. And I can’t believe Mon has never seen Star Wars! Actually, I can. Because like none of the girls have seen/appreciate Star Wars. Such a shame.

      • Yea at least you do. Not many girls like or appreciate scifi/fantasy things. I gotta say it’s pretty attractive lol I must say. I’m kind of a nerd myself for those things.

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