I’m Awesome!

I was at work today and my manager said to me, “You’re awesome!” I thanked her, and she went on. “You should put that on your blog.” Apparently I don’t praise myself enough on here. Or in general, really. So this post is going to be about how awesome I am.

This week started with my car being broken down with no money to fix it, work being INSANE, and my back filled with more knots than a Boy Scout camp out.

Work stress all stems from the fact that I feel like if I’m not the one to do something it won’t come out right which makes me feel like I have to do everything myself.  That’s completely ridiculous since I work with a lot of great, competent people. All the same, it happens. Probably doesn’t help that my sister and mother are chronic sufferers of this as well. My Mom told me that I can’t do it all, and that I just have to loosen the reigns a bit. She also told me that was easier said than done, but to try anyway.

I let my wonderful (seriously WONDERFUL) father take care of getting my car fixed and tried not to think about the money that was coming from my parents. Money that doesn’t come directly from my wallet tends to carry a weight of guilt with it for me. I’m only twenty years old and should know that there’s just no feasible way for me to be completely financially independent but it doesn’t stop me from feeling bad. I resigned myself to the fact that it is what it is, though, and tried to move it from my mind.

I got through this week (almost– I’m writing this on Thursday night) and I have survived. Yesterday I had a great run and I have just finished my paper that’s due tomorrow. Life is good. I got everything done at work that I wanted to get done. I let things out of my control that didn’t need to be in my hands and am even getting my car back tonight if everything works out right.

Basically, I’m awesome. I get stressed sometimes. I feel overwhelmed. But in the end I crank it out. I get done what needs to get done. I have awesome people I get to call my friends. I have a fantastic group of folks I get to call my family. I know who I am. I know who loves me. And really, what more can I ask?

Go me!

P.S. As I already mentioned my Father and his fantastic-ness I’ll take this moment to wish him an equally fantastic Father’s Day. He deserves it. Love you, Dad!


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