All Good Things…

Summer is over. In five days from now I’ll be sitting in a classroom once again. I can’t say I’m not excited. When I think about summer, I picture long, lazy days. I feel a warm breeze caress my cheek. I feel fluffy sand sift through my open fingers. But that’s not really what summer is.

I enjoyed my summer. I moved into my new home with my best friend/roomie and couldn’t be happier with it. I got to spend two amazing weeks in New York seeing all of my friends and half of my family,¬†running¬†from one place to the next and generally feeling in awe of Western New York (what’s new about that, though?). Honestly, those two weeks basically took my summer from mediocre to magnificent.

But then I came home. Work has been insane all summer and even though I thought it impossible, it became more crazy while I left. I had to get back into the routine of doing laundry and washing my face regularly and eating like a normal person and not three teenage boys (all things that lapsed while on vacation).

While I think that all three of those things are stupid and should be ignored, I know that they cannot be. I am an adult and this is life. After a few days I accepted that and decided not to hop a plane and go back to New York. The idea tumbled around my head a few times.

Now comes school. This is probably just the same temporary insanity that has overcome me every early August since I was five years old, but I’m pretty excited for classes. I’m finally getting into courses that pertain to my major (for the most part, History and French are unfortunately still on the roster, but oh well). Since I work on campus, I’ve been seeing the whole school tidy itself up, sweep the dust under the rug, apply a fresh coat of ruby red lipstick and get ready for the mass of students heading its way. I love the atmosphere. It feels expectant and exciting. Even the trees seem to be trying to straighten themselves up tall and look every bit as gallant as the rest of campus.

I definitely haven’t been sitting around all summer but for some reason I still feel like I need school to come back. I think my brain doesn’t have enough going on. I need stimulation. Everyone check back in two weeks when I vehemently argue that I need less stimulation.

So, this should serve as my little update on life and the flaming end to my horrid lack of summer blogging. I’m back, baby!

P.S. This happens to be my 50th post. Go me!