The Art of Getting Away

It might be a science. Or maybe it’s an art and a science. I’m not sure. Either way, the point is getting away. I’ve vetted my extreme emotional states on this blog before (and Life: Spreading before this blog was born). I don’t necessarily hide how I feel. In fact, if you know me in person you know that you can pretty much surmise my mood within three seconds of seeing my face. I’m a bit of an open book that way.

I just finished the second week of school. I’m working a lot (which is a GOOD thing, it’s just also a difficult thing sometimes), and my classes require a hefty amount of my time and attention. (Don’t forget running, too. That’s a major time suck.) This means that after ten days of classes I was feeling overwhelmed. Not good when there are quite a few more days of the semester to come. But I forgot something. Sometimes you just have to get away. You must step away from the situation. Detach yourself.

Go home for the weekend (which is what I did). Go to a park for an afternoon. Find a really quiet spot in the library and read/play games on your phone/stare off into space. MEDITATE! Guided meditations are a little slice of heaven that everyone should indulge in sometimes. Play video games for three hours. Whether it be mental or physical, you just need to get away.

I cried on Thursday night. I did. I’m a pansy. LAUGH! (I do, everyone should laugh at themselves sometimes.) I got too stressed with the reading for class, the paper I forgot to write until a day before it was due, and so on and so forth. I cried. But as I was crying I grabbed my writing journal and started a stream of consciousness (something my junior year English teacher taught me). I wrote every feeling I was having straight onto the paper. I let out all of my insecurities and worries of not measuring up or getting it done. By the end I didn’t feel better per se, but lighter. What was inside of me, tearing me up, was now out on paper. It had left my body. After that, I put on a guided mediation and sat in the dark with my eyes closed going far, far away. By the time it was done my eyes were dry, my head was clear, and I was no longer freaking out.

The next day I left town for the long weekend and have been spending a supremely relaxing weekend at home. I’ve gotten in a lot of nephew time and only today (Monday afternoon) am I opening my laptop to even consider school work. As scary and pressing as it may seem sometimes, there is always time to relax. Even if it means taking ten minutes and meditating. There is always time.

So take that with you this week. If you start feeling overwhelmed remember to get away. Whether it be for five minutes or a week in Bermuda. Just get away.

Happy week!


One thought on “The Art of Getting Away

  1. I understand how you feel. I have a 3 yr old, 2 yr old and 5 month old. But I am a stay at home mom, which makes it easier. I find getting in a routine definitely helps me. I have a weekly chore routine still trying to get this pefected but I began by sitting down and putting 5-6 simple weekly chores on a schedule and get one done a day) Try to do one load of laundry a day and follow through with it till it gets all put away, then I also have a list of 4-5 monthly chores that get rotated for Saturdays or when I have free time to get them done. This should keep the basis of your chores. I think it would help to to get a meal chart giong for dinner, because I am terrible at dinner time…my poor husband gets Tons of frozen pizza 🙂 These are ideas of what I am trying to do to keep my house a little more clean (granted with three bambinos your house will never be spotless unless they sleep 24 hours a day!) and keeping life simplier. Also try to make time for yourself, easier said than done but it will make a world of difference for you. Now, that my chores are on a schedule I am also tring to implement a daily schedule for the children–Very hard I know but I think it will help me and my mother says “children thrive on a schedule” –Just a little advice from someone whose in almost the same boat…also do things that make you happy and smile, read the funnies in the paper, get some fresh air, drink a nice big hot chocolate or make cookies. Its sometimes the simple things 🙂 Keep your chin up and this phase will soon pass! God Bless!

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