Ahhhh what a scary word! Watch out, I might say something offensive. But then again, maybe I won’t. Maybe you’ll agree with my beliefs. Or maybe you won’t agree with me, but you’ll respect the fact we both have the right to have opinions.

Either way, I wanted to share some things with you.

I watched Michelle Obama’s speech. The woman can give a speech. For twenty-three minutes she had my attention. She had my heart. She is me. Except more so. Barack and Michelle have worked for everything they have and honestly that almost means more to me than stances on certain subjects do. One of the many reasons I usually shy away from politics is that I have the tendency to lean towards pessimism. I feel like every politician is corrupt. Every one of them has some back alley agenda and they’re using promises of more jobs and tax cuts to achieve them. I know that’s not always true but I have a hard time deciding who I trust.

I trust Barack Obama. He has worked for what he has. Unlike a lot of Washington today, he did not grow up with a wealth of opportunities served up to him on a silver platter. His family was not rich. But he had a work ethic. And he wanted to help people. To make their life better. So he worked. Hard. The fruits of his labor: he became the president of the United States.

Because of his background he is an adamant supporter of federal aid for students. You can imagine that’s a subject I have some interest in. He wants equality for same sex couples. He believes a woman should have full rights over her own body (a very tricky subject for me, but I agree).

I wholeheartedly believe that Barack Obama is a good man. Not just a politician. That’s why I plan to vote for him this November.

If you don’t know who you’re going to vote for, do some research! Take charge of your right as an American. Don’t pick Obama because he’s black. Or Mitt Romney because he’s a Republican. Or Batman because he looks cool. Think about the people you’re voting for. What they mean. What they stand for. KNOW who is going to be in charge of your country.

Anyway, I thought I’d share my opinions and maybe get some of yours back. In the meantime, I highly suggest you watch Michelle’s speech.


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