Willard: Cuter Than Us All

My best friend in the whole wide world’s name is Cheryl. If you’ve ever seen the show Community, we’re pretty much girl versions of Troy and Abed. I’ve lived with her for a year and a half now (been besties for even longer) and for the most part it’s been roomie bliss. Tonight took a somber turn, though.

Cheryl’s hairless rat, Willard, passed away at the age of three and a half (in rat years he was 87 and a half). I was there the day she fell in love with him at the pet store. I am not a rat person and I felt like taking away the hair wouldn’t add to his cuteness. But, upon meeting the little guy, I fell in love too. He was just too damn cute.

Willard was rambunctious. He had a particular love of reaching through his cage to the closest blanket and chomping away while you unknowingly slept. 😉 He grew into a man, and I was amazed because I couldn’t bring myself to think of him as anything but adorable. He never tried to bite and by golly he loved his wheel.

Tonight, Willard was lost to this world. It was his time. Cheryl and I cut up a shirt to create a burial shroud and placed him gingerly in a shoe box just his size. He now lives in the backyard of our house. I said my peace and we decorated his grave with local flora.

I gave Cheryl a big hug and got a sizable lump in my throat. Basically, I loved Willard and I love Cheryl even more. It’s a sad night in the Clark-Dykstra household but as with everything, life will go on.

Willard lived a long and happy life. I don’t think there’s ever been a more happy or more cute hairless rat in all the land.

Here’s to you, little guy.

Apparently when hairless rats are babies, they have hair. 🙂


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