The Annual Celebration of My Birth

My twenty-first birthday is now less than a month away. I’m not like most others my age. I definitely plan to go out and get a drink on my birthday, but I don’t particularly want to go get shitfaced in a public place. I want to enjoy my birthday. Besides, let’s be honest. I’ve tasted alcohol before. It’s not like it’ll be some monumental moment. In fact, I’ve legally bought alcohol in public, too. Canada’s drinking age is nineteen and guess who lived twenty minutes from the border when they turned nineteen. 🙂

I watched a video today (click here) and it kind of made me want to do something different this year. Last year, I spent my birthday going to the Orlando Film Festival which was super fun (despite getting sick AND getting my period on my birthday[TMI? Not in my vocabulary])! The last day of the film festival falls on my birthday this time but if last year is any indication I’ll probably have watched all the good films by then anyway so I’ll have the day free.

I definitely want to get some free stuff because honestly…I love free stuff. But I think it’d be really cool to do something that benefits others. This may sound hoaky, but I truly become a happier person when I know I’ve helped another.

So that’s what I’ll be thinking about for the next month. If you have any suggestions PLEASE let me know in a comment!


3 thoughts on “The Annual Celebration of My Birth

    • I know! I was so pumped up after watching it. Unfortunately, the morning of my birthday I got my monthly womanly friend so there was less do-gooding and more laying around, eating, and sleeping. But I figured that was a good way to spend a birthday, too.

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