Hashtag Etiquette

Hashtags have become a vital point of social media communication over the past few years. I use them myself. Just the other day a friend pointed out that instead of referring to “#” as a pound key I called it a hashtag instead. Whoops. But with the overwhelming use of hashtags on Twitter and Instagram there have been several breaches in etiquette. I don’t know if there’s been a list compiled yet (Who am I kidding? This is the internet) so I thought I’d jump in and provide one. Here is my list of hashtag etiquette rules:

1. Hashtags are great on Twitter and Instagram. Leave Facebook out of it.

2. No more than three hashtags should ever be used on the same post.

Example: A picture I posted on Instagram a couple weeks ago and what you should NOT do in the way of hashtags-

#Wii #Friday #Bowling #WiiBowling #Margarita #yum #redwriting #whiteboard #Best #Night #Ever #love #awesome #family #I #heart #my #family #funnight #home #Ididn’twin #ohwell #redmarker #hashtag #instaWii #instawhore #instafamily #this #is #great

3. Don’t make them overly long.

Example: #Ihateitwhenpeopleaaredumbontheinternetandfightwitheachother

4. Keeping #3 in mind, don’t break up your hashtag into serveral different ones. It looks stupid. “And” should never be used as a hastag.

Example: #I #love #bacon #and #eggs #because #they #are #delicious #yummmmmm

5. This one is more personal preference, but steer clear of those stupid trending topics on Twitter. I never lose respect for someone on Twitter faster than when they have about a hundred and fifty tweets in a row that start out with things like #inevertrust, #thingsigetalot, and #ifiwasinvisibleiwould. Really? No one cares what you’d do if you were invisible, this isn’t a fifth grade expository essay.

6. Putting “insta” in front of words is dumb and does not make for a good hashtag. To be clear, I’m referring to things like #instawhore (Why are people calling themselves whores? Let’s have some self respect, ladies), #instafood, #instafamous, #instalife, I could go on.

7. Lastly, remember that hashtags are supposed to add something to your tweet or gram. If it would sound just as good or better without #baller tagged on the end, chances are it’s better to just leave it off.


2 thoughts on “Hashtag Etiquette

  1. Yeah, I’ve never really gotten the point of using hashtags like they were going out of style. I think I’ve used one once. Unless I want my tweets lumped with a bunch of others that may or may not be something I’d want my followers, friends, etc. read… what’s the point?

    • I think, when used correctly, hashtags can add a lot to what you are saying. But some people don’t see that using 17 of them on everything they write is not a good idea.

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