Skin Rules to Live By

About five years ago (when I was 16), I developed a very strong love/hate relationship with my skin. You know, the typical teenage pizzaface situation. I never had it too bad, but to this day I get to endure the humiliation that is a huge, red mountain in the space in between my eyes that no amount of makeup could ever cover up. (The zit just described currently resides on my face, by the way.) Ahh, good times. It seems like every day that I learn of one more thing that is conspiring to ruin my oh-so- fair complexion. To this end, I have compiled a list for my fellow sufferers of uncooperative skin. The following list contains the 25 things I have deemed BAD for skin throughout the years.

  1. bad diet
  2. not enough exercise
  3. not enough water
  4. not washing it enough
  5. washing it too much
  6. too much sunlight
  7. too much time looking at puppies (I call this one “insta-zit”)
  8. sleeping in late on a rainy Sunday
  9. watching a good movie
  10. getting a cute, new pair of shoes
  11. celebrating a birthday
  12. snagging a cute shirt on sale (death sentence for your face)
  13. getting an A on a test you studied really hard for
  14. remembering to bring your umbrella at the last second
  15. seeing cute babies
  16. sleeping in late on any day
  17. eating one Dove dark chocolate square
  18. making a new friend
  19. taking up a new hobby
  20. watching a sunrise
  21. watching a sunset (this one is WORSE than the sunrise)
  22. watching a new episode of your favorite show
  23. finding out you won tickets to a concert
  24. listening to any music you enjoy
  25. finishing a paper more than 24 hours before it’s due

I capped it at 25 but my rule of thumb when deciding if something is bad for my skin is to ask myself this: “Will this bring any kind of joy to my life?” If the answer is yes, it is most definitely going to cause varying degrees of pizza-ing to your face. If no, it will probably still hurt your skin in some way.

Hope this helps! Huzah!


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