Ahhh summertime is upon us. Living in Florida, summertime brings some very specific feelings to mind.

To someone who lives somewhere up north, or just generally not near a beach, Florida in the summer may conjure these images:

  • A warm, tropical breeze
  • Cool, salty water
  • Salt-rimmed margaritas and icy strawberry daiquiris
  • Soft sand keeping your feet cool
  • The sound of waves gently crashing on the shore

As someone that lives here, I think of this:

  • Getting into my 102 degree car (that doesn’t have A/C)
  • Opening my front door and having a heavy, wet, HOT wall of air hit me
  • Feeling my back get sweaty enough to stick to my shirt
  • Knowing that because I live here and am not on vacation, the chances of me having time to go to the beach in the next month are slim to none
  • Realizing that for the next seven months doing my hair is superfluous
  • Having to take two showers in one day because I was unfortunate enough to spend more than three minutes outside

There are a few choice things I do love about Florida (mainly having to do with the people that live here), but during the summer those tend to get blotted out by my intense hatred of the seven to eight month long season that we call summer.

Three cheers for vacationing in New York!


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