Travelling To Deutschland

This post is pretty much only about the flight. I wrote almost all of it while travelling and only fixed minor errors and added a couple things towards the bottom. The first part is just a stream of consciousness so it’s disjointed and random. I was just writing down whatever came into my mind. I miss everybody and will be adding more pictures soon!

I flew over England. I could see its sleepy morning lights below me. And the water. Whatever body it was. It was shining the brightest pink I’ve ever seen even before the sun had even risen. Watching the sun rise at 2:00 in the morning is a very surreal feeling. The excitement came back strongly. Ever since leaving Tampa, fear, sadness, and bland indifference had been my overwhelming emotions. But, even if just for that moment, the excitement had returned and chased the fear away. I had not slept a wink but I was glad. I don’t do well on a few hours of sleep which is all I could have gotten. My legs were so crampt and my neck continued to warn me not to kink it that trying to sleep was a frustrating affair. I don’t know quite how I get myself into the adventures that I do, but goddammit am I glad. Thank you to whatever invisible force pushes me into these situations because what’s life worth if you don’t get a good story out if it? This was the first time I’d been able to write a creatively inclined blog post that I was proud of in a long time. Maybe my muse is a fan of international adventures. I hope she is, because if so she’s in for one hell of a ride. If there’s one thing I could wish for, it’s one more hug from everyone I love. But of course, I think I’ll always want one more hug. There were so many windmills. Go you, Germany. The landing was the coolest part of the flight. I don’t recall ever landing when it’s cloudy out. Of course, you always go through a layer of clouds. But this was different. We were in a world made only of clouds. Hills and valleys and great mountains looming in the distance. And then it was as if we completely ceased to exist. We were simply lost in the clouds, maybe never to be found again. And then we’d emerge once again. Every so often I’d get a glimpse of that beautiful blue sky shimmering in the background and I’d realize it never left in the first place, it was only hiding.

Reasons I’m not very fond of the Frankfurt airport:

Keep in mind that by this time it was about 3-4 AM my time and I was running on no sleep.

1. It’s HUGE. From when I got off one flight and got to the gate of another, it was about half an hour of walking and a tram ride. Plus once I went through the gate, it took another five minute shuttle ride to the actual plane.

2. They made me go through security again. Seems like a design flaw in the design of the airport.

3. They’re missing a lot of their ceiling. It’s strange.

4. It’s dark. Turn on an extra light or two, man.

5. No free wifi. It’s 2013. Although I will admit my suspicions that this is more of a European thing than a Frankfurt airport thing.

Silver lining: the guy outside the plane clad in a full body reflective yellow suit dancing (to the beat of his own drum I’m assuming).

Fun Facts Learned During My Travels

1. I sat in a window seat overlooking a wing in all three flights.

2. PDA on a plane is just as gross as PDA anywhere else.

3. Watching a sad in-flight movie while already emotionally unstable is a terrible idea. Even if you forgot how sad it was, it’s still a terrible idea. (The movie was Dead Poet Society.)

4. The coke bottles in Germany are made of much thicker plastic than the ones in the US. They’re probably much worse for the environment, but I like them.

5. Luggage carts cost 0.50€ at the Nuremberg airport, even if you don’t have 0.50€ on you. That can potentially be problematic.

Ice crystals formed on my window while flying over the Atlantic.

Ice crystals formed on my window while flying over the Atlantic.

My view from the plane over France.

My view from the plane over France.


One thought on “Travelling To Deutschland

  1. Nice creative writing girl!!

    Totally reminiscing on my adventures, European airports are definitely weird. Shuttles on shuttles on shuttles on shuttles! A shuttle to the airport, a shuttle to the terminal, a shuttle to the plane….that’s enough we could walk there quicker! Dispute though- maybe Florida is more fortunate than the north, but I’ve never had free wifi in airports!!! You cray. Enjoy all the amazing weird differences of being in another country!!! I can’t wait to go back!

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