Crayon Wreath Tutorial

Being that two out of the five total people in my immediate family are elementary teachers, seeing cute teacher crafts on Pinterest gets me all a-twitter. I’ve seen crayon wreaths a few times and as I happen to love wreaths (and now love making them too) I got too excited not to make one. My sister is about to end her maternity leave so I figured this would be a fun time to give it to her (really, any excuse would have worked).

For this you’ll need:

click to enlarge

Center the smaller hoop inside the larger. When I did this, I only used the inner hoop from each one to make it less clunky, but I think I would recommend using the whole hoop.

IMPORTANT! Lay out all the crayons before you start gluing. It will take you a bit longer but trust me, it’s worth it. They probably won’t fit exactly how you think they will in the beginning. Other than that, it’s as simple as gluing them down.

I ran a ribbon through the hoop where I wanted my top to be  and hot glued a bow on the front. (I used this trick to tie the bow.)

That’s it! You’ve now got a crayon wreath. Be gentle with it until it’s hung up, as crayons will come loose. All you have to do is glue them back into place but it can still become a pain if you’re not careful.

If you liked this tutorial or have any questions, let me know!


Hunger Games Fevah

My friends and I have got the Hunger Games fever. We’ve all read the books (some of us (me) have read them multiple times), gushed about the upcoming movie, and all together are just befuddled with the splendors that are Katniss, Peeta, and Gale. Since the movie is coming out this Friday (!!!) a couple friends and I decided to make shirts. Sure, you could buy a shirt. But then it would look like this:

This costs $22.50. Yeah. $22.50.

There’s nothing inherently wrong about this shirt but it’s very “Teen Novel Turned Big Budget Blockbuster”-y. So instead of paying $22.50 for that we decided to buy black scoop necks from Target for $8 and get all DIY about it.

All three of us took completely different directions so I’m only going to show you what/how I did mine. If I remember to get a good picture on premier night of all three of us I’ll post it later.

I went with a jersey style.

I used my handy-dandy Microsoft Publisher and made up some templates. Here are the ones that made it on the shirt:

Stencil Template (PDF)

74th Annual (PDF)

I put EVERDEEN across the back in one line. It was a little too long to print that way which is why I split it into two lines here.

Everdeen (PDF)

12 (PDF)

I printed these all out on card stock and cut them out using an exacto knife (with some help from the very talented exacto knife artist, Cheryl). From there it was simply taping them in the right place and painting them. I used regular fabric paint along with make up sponges. For the finer parts it might be easier to use a small brush, but the make up sponges worked great for me. If anyone is interested in the colors/brand of paint I used just comment below and I’d be happy to fill you in.

I really, really like how mine came out and can’t wait to wear my $8 Hunger Games shirt that no one else will have!

And here’s he finished product! Ignore the fact that I look like one of those “before” photos on weight loss commercials. (Calm down, I’m not calling myself fat. I’m simply referring to my slouchy posture.)

Make this shirt and you, too, could be this happy!

Is anyone else going to the premier? If so, are you going to make/buy a shirt or just know you’re cooler than Katniss (as if that were even possible) whether you dress like her or not?


Hot Topic Shirt

All the templates are made by me. Feel free to use/share them. 🙂

Writer’s Manifesto

I made something cool (I think)! I read an article called “25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing (Right Fucking Now)” from Terrible Minds (click here). I took my favorite quotes and made a Subway Art-type thing. I’m calling it my Writer’s Manifesto.


I’m a sucker for a good quote so these kind of things get me all a twitter. If you like it, let me know. If you really like it, download it and enjoy.

Oh hey…look at me being all crafty

So I started this blog with the intention of being crafty ALL the time. Apparently, my thought process went a little something like this:

I want to be crafty ALL the time, like those craft bloggers. They always have the best ideas. How do they do it? Witchcraft? Maybe… Deal with the devil? Nahh I think the devil mostly deals with the people in charge of the education system these days… OH! Maybe it’s just the fact that they have a crafty blog that makes them crafty. That makes total sense. I’ll just make a craft blog and POOF. I’m craft-tastic.

Now, I realize the flaw in this logic. In fact, I admit that that logic really just doesn’t make sense. My point IS (bet you were starting to wonder if there was even going to be a point), I haven’t been very good about doing crafts. But I just did one. So I thought I’d share.

My Mom pinned this on Pinterest:

I could have just downloaded the print from the website, but where’s the fun in that? (I also didn’t know that until I went to write this post.) So I opened Publisher and went at it.  It took forever but I finally came up with this:

I printed two out, slapped ’em in frames and BAM. I’m a craft goddess. I made a pdf for you guys to download but the size fits the Ikea frame I bought which has a matte. That means it’s kind of a weird size (3.5”x5.5”) but hey! If you go to Ikea and buy their $2.50 frames you’re in luck. Or you could just use a 4×6 and have half an inch of paper around it. I think it would look fine either way.

I printed mine on card stock I just happened to have and really like the way it came out. I’m giving them to my two favorite teachers in the world-my mom and my sister!

Here’s the PDF: Classroom Lessons

The first picture is linked to the website it’s from. I snooped around a bit and it looks like they have A LOT of awesome free printables, so you should check it out.

Rosette Wreath Tutorial


  • Felt
  • Grape Vine Wreath
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors

My roommate and I have been ruminating over the necessity of a wreath for our living room. We made one for Christmas but obviously it had to go and now we can’t get over how perfect this spot on our wall is for a wreath. We finally decided on a cute felt rosette wreath I found on Pinterest a while back. When we went to the website it was from it turned out it wasn’t a tutorial but you could buy it on Etsy for $70! We thought not. We looked it up elsewhere and it seemed easy enough so we decided to go through with it. This was our goal:

We got everything from Michael’s and it was super cheap (add to that the college student discount we get at our local Michael’s and say it with me: ECONOMICAL). Michael’s has sheets of felts for $.29 and they are the perfect size for this project. Any bigger and it’d be a bit difficult. We decided to go with this color scheme because it was good for all year round and come on…those colors are adorbs.

FELT FELT and more FELT!

So basically, you can get one small rosette from a 3×3 square. You can get one medium sized rosette from 6×6 square and one large rosette from a 9×9 square. Biggest thing about this project, though, is nothing needs to be exact (my kind of craft)! To form the rosette, take one of your squares of felt and cut it into a circle. Take the circle and cut it into a spiral. Here’s a template I found from here:

Roll from the outside in. When it’s all rolled flip it over and hot glue the bottom to keep it sturdy. I happen to like a lot of hot glue, but my roommate maintains that less is adequate. Sigh…I guess it’s your prerogative. Make as many as you want. Really. Do the whole wreath. Do half the wreath. The magic about this is it looks beautiful either way. Here’s how some of your rosettes should come out.

Now, right about now you’re probably thinking this is the best, easiest craft EVER. While that may be true there is one downside. It’s time consuming. It took two of us about an hour to make this amount of rosettes:

This may be why that wreath costs $70.

Once you finish the amount of rosettes you want, arrange them on the wreath without fastening them. Again, this is totally up to you! Arrange them how you think they look pretty, there’s really no right or wrong way. Once you have it all set, hot glue them on and BOOM. You’re done. That’s right people, that’s all it takes. Minimal supplies, minimal moola, and MAXIMUM awesomeness. Here’s ours:

The Mind of a Crafter

So, while I claim to be NO aficionado when it comes to crafts (see: I do dabble when my bank account and schedule permits it. I’ve started to notice that the same things go through my mind every time I attempt one of those, “fun and easy, twenty minute crafts for under a dollar!!” things I find on the motherload of all craft websites: Pinterest. I’m thinking I’m not the only one.

You start out by assembling the supplies. You make a list and go to your favorite craft supply store, be it Michael’s or Jo Ann’s (or maybe another one…if you’re a weirdo). You get to the store, park your car straight in the stall, get a cart with a big grin on your face, place your purse neatly in said cart, pull out list with wide, bright eyes, and set off. You get to the first aisle. “Ooooooooo this is perfect. I’ll get this. Wha- What is that random assortment of numbers there?” Than it hits you. “Dear sweet Jesus, that’s the price.” So you’ve officially hit problem #1. I don’t care how “cheap” this craft may be in the long run, chances are you’re going to spend half your life savings buying the supplies.

After that, you make it through the rest of the store slightly weary. You find a sale rack and do your best to buy EVERYTHING on your list from that one bin. As it is always a rather picked-through bin this doesn’t usually end in anything useful. Really, you just get a bunch of 50 cent tubes of glitter. Yeah, you’ll use that someday.

You get home and your excitement is renewed. It’s time to start CRAFTING. The very word sends shivers down your spine. You’ve been dreaming of this for days. You get to spend the whole afternoon creating something with your own two hands. What could be more blissful?

Five minutes in-“What the hell? Why is my (insert craft here) not working? Must need more glue.”

You add more glue.

Ten minutes in- “WHY??? Why can’t I just BE you, Martha?! I’ll add more glue.”

You add more glue.

“My back hurts. This is dumb. I hate my life.”

Now this is an interesting stage. At this point you’re fighting with yourself. On one hand, you’re about to grab a glass of wine, walk away from the havoc you have created in your home, and watch reruns of Grey’s Anatomy for the next four hours eating copious amounts of chocolate.

But, there’s still that part of you that says you’ve put in about five hours to this project, spent way too much money, and DAMMIT you must finish. I personally like to go somewhere in the middle. I tend to finish it really half-ass, clean up a little, then watch four hours of mindless television (or more likely, stare at Pinterest until my eyes start bleeding).

In the end, you have a so/so craft but dang do you feel accomplished. Now you can tell all your friends that you’re a crafter and tell them you made lemon sugar scrub like it was no biggy (true story).

If this is you, I congratulate you. You and I, friend, are a special breed of half-ass crafters and I say we be proud of it! No one says we have to be perfect, and honestly I swear half of the crafting blogs I see are run by huge corporations pretending to be stay-at-home moms (just throwing it out there).

If you have any stories that sound suspiciously close to the one I told, leave it in a comment. Otherwise, I’ll see you again soon!

Journey Into the World of Crafting…for Christmas

So a good friend of mine decided that we needed to CRAFT. Better yet, craft for Christmas! Seeing as I’m a destitute college student I pounced on the idea. If I can make a Christmas gift that people will love, why the heck not?

We made our way to Jo-Anns (after planning for ohhh…about two hours). We perused the aisles and generally gazed at the splendor of it all. After that, we went to Publix and similarly gazed at the splendor. Once home, we went at it.

We decided to make Cookies in a Jar and Citrus Bath Salts. Who wouldn’t want those?! We began on the cookies. It was soon apparent that we were both hungry and kind of worn out. Two hours of planning (AKA Pinterest and a little Googling) and shopping at two (I repeat TWO) stores will do that to a woman. We ate dinner and revisited the project.

It was going fine until this conversation started:

Jen: Did we put the brown sugar in the jars?

Kay: Ummm…yeah?

*Look into each other’s eyes and just know*

Yeah…so then we scooped some of the innards out, put the brown sugar in, scooped most of the innards back in and screwed on the top. Phew! We fixed it. This conversation soon followed:

Kay: Jen, did we put white sugar in these?

Jen: Yeah, of course we did.

Kay: The only white stuff I’m seeing is flour…

Yay for failure! We decided that since they already had to add eggs, butter, and vanilla it wouldn’t kill them to add a little sugar, too.

We ended the night mostly satisfied with our pretty (ish) jars. A few days later I made labels and recipe cards for the jars and wrapped them up with a bow. Overall, I think they were a success. Things I would have changed are as follows (I really like lists):

  1. Follow the directions a little more closely. Did you know they have a specific order for ingredients?
  2. Get the right size jar. Resizing recipes can be annoying and a little risky.
  3. Make sure you definitely have enough ingredients. Mid-project trips to Publix just feel defeating.

As you can probably tell, I’m leaving just a bit out, but I kept all the good stuff. The recipe I used was from Bakerella. Check it out here: .

As for the bath salts, I think that one deserves its own post (though decidedly less exciting than the cookie jars). I’ll bring that to you soon.