Springtime in Deutschland

Spring is here and better than ever. Last week the flowers started to pop up in unexpected places. They seemingly came overnight and it was enough to put a very broad smile on my face. Now the trees are starting their shy comeback to the world of the living. The birds are singing sweet hymns and everything is just awake.

This weather is so conducive to my feelings about footwear which is nice. I like to be barefoot as much as possible and wearing TOMS the rest of the time. That doesn’t really jive with cold temps. My naked feet are quite happy that winter has said its last goodbyes. Socks=get out of my life.

I got to spend last week with my mom and uncle which really put the cherry on top of my springtime sundae. (Dear sweet Jesus, I just said springtime sundae.) Of course, they didn’t get to enjoy much of the high-of-65 weather that we’re having this week (that started on their last day) but it was sunny for the duration of their visit and just having them here with me was really surreal and exciting and AHH MY LIFE IS GREAT.

Though of course the real world is ever present and I still have dumb things to do like taxes and homework and other such nonsense, I’m feeling very light these days. I’m in love with a lot of things right now that I would happily list for you but won’t because this post would quickly become novel length.

Next week my cousin will be here to finish up her latest whirlwind European adventure, then I’ll have a week of normalcy, and then I’m off to Paris for four days with a good au pair friend of mine. My semester at UCF is also ending in the next few weeks and my semester at Uni Bayreuth is starting on the 14th soooooo this month is going to be a crazy mixture of amazing and stressful and MORE AMAZING and lots of other stuff too, probably.

Sorry for the lack in posting. Life has been beautifully hectic and I don’t see that changing until maybe sometime next month. But hopefully I’ll take better care to update my blog/online journal of┬árandom thoughts more often. Note the naked feet in the picture below.



Turtles and Ice Cream

My brother in law wanted a couple new tattoos recently. That meant he needed┬áto make the two and a half hour drive to where I live because there are better artists. Can’t really fault him there since it will be on his body forever. He brought along my sister and nephew and it turned into a really fun time for ME (because that’s what matters)! I got Justin to pick me up from work and with sister and baby in tow we got some delicious pizza. Then, because I love ice cream (hence the name) and my sister is obsessed with the stuff (she’s worked in multiple ice cream shops), we went to her old college workplace and got their TO DIE FOR cake batter ice cream. Heaven.

Today, we went over to Chik-fil-A and there was a balloon artist. I’ll repeat that for emphasis. There was a balloon artist. I still maintain that I did it for the child but I flagged the girl down and she made a turtle that you could where around your wrist. PLUS, she put sugar into it so it doubled as a rattle! I may have kept it for myself after the fam left… There was a picture or two taken of the child with it, but they were on other people’s phones so I don’t have them. I did take a picture of the turtle to show you, though. It’s just too cool.

I’m going to spend some time at the pool becoming a bronze goddess (haha). I might work out later. And then tomorrow I get to spend the day with a wonderful friend and we’re seeing Hunger Games again! All in all, this is looking to be a very welcome, very awesome weekend.